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What is the difference between regular white light and laser light?


Use the LED Flashlight / Laser in your theme packet with the diffraction grating and polarizer to begin your discovery journey.


          Click on the underlined words and phrases below to find out more about each item:

eLas Flash light / Laser combo

Linear Diffraction Grating -        Quantify the Colors by calibration.

Use Spectroscopy to learn more.

For a deeper dive into the physics of light.... go to:
Download a pdf version of presentation:
Laser Light at the End of the Tunnel: Education & Careers in Lasers, Optics & Photonics ,
a pdf version of a flyer to advertise for giving a presentation to high school or college students; 
and a pdf version of a Lesson Plan.
Recorded version of the above presentation is provided here in three parts.

Completely modifiable Power Point slides, MS Word Doc flyer and Lesson Plan are provided with each purchase of 100 Theme Packets.

Some Assembly Required
For Teachers & others -
Purchase qty 100 - $350 + Shipping 
Each Theme Packet Includes one each:
LED Flashlight / Laser, Diffraction Grating & Polarizer.
Part 1- Overview, Introduction & Mentors
Part 1 - Overview, Introduction & Mentors
Part 2 - Light, Polarization, Rainbows & Spectrums
Part 2 - Light, Polarization, Rainbows & Spectrums
Part 3 - Lasers, Education & Careers
Part 3 - Lasers, Education & Careers

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